Aurora Li helping Manuel with his sand castle.







Cultural Excursion
for 50 street children

Sponsored by the Tourist Board of Trujillo and Bruce PEru

8:00 AM
The big Linea bus pulled up in front of Restauraunt Corazon Jr. Independencia 309. Onboard were four hosts from MITINCI (Minbistry of Tourism, regional office), led by Aurora Li and Mireya Zegarra.

9:00 AM
The chiuldren, joined by three volunteers from Bruce Peru, boarded the bus and the party set off for the Inca sun temple on the ourskirts of Trujillo (Las Huacas del Sol y la Luna); and a fascinating hour long tour guided by the the four hosts from MITINCI.

10:30 AM
The party then progressed to Chan Chan, the massive Inca ruin separating Trujillo from its beach resort Huanchaco. Chan Chan, in pre Columbian time was a city of a million inhabitants. It is now a vast ruin of of adobe walls and foundations, with a large and impressive museum where the central square and ajoining buildings have been restored and recreated to create the atmosphere of the center of an ancient city which was twice as large as the beautiful conquestador city of Trujillo. The artifacts which have been gleaned from four centuries of archiologican investigation in Chan Chan have been assembled in this grand museum.

12:30 PM
The children and their hosts then reboarded the bus and continued the three kilometers to Huanchaco, the beautiful Pacific coast resort and surfers paradise (which boasts the worlds longest wave). An hour of sunbathing, swimming in the surf and collecting shrimp and crabs was followed by a picnic brought out from the kitchen of Restaurant Corazon.

3:30 PM
All were safely back at Restauraunt Corazon to give their thanks to our generous hosts, who also gave a Christmas gift to each child, and to resume their life on the streets of Trujillo - and for some to return to their home in Algergue Nicole D*Amecourt.

We want to thank our friends at MITINCI for offering our children this educational and fun excursion.